New Wembley Stadium London

The Wembley Stadium, originally constructed in 1923, has been selected to be the new English National Stadium. To meet today's requirements it has been totally rebuilt and has become the largest roof-covered football stadium in Europe. The new stadium has been erected over the footprint of the former Wembley Stadium.

Design & Construct of about 16000 tons of structural steel for the New Wembley Stadium in London.

This new multipurpose Arena has become a maximum performance for both architects and contractors who found a challenge to construct it. The construction provides the 90.000 spectators covered seating, unobstructed views of the actions and allow easy circulation.

In close cooperation both the Hollandia production yards in Krimpen a/d Ijssel and in Heijningen delivered a large part of the structural steel package for this eye-catching stadium.
It made it one of the most spectacular projects Hollandia has performed. The scope included as well the engineering, fabrication and assembly of the movable roof, including the sliding roof panels, covers the surface of about 200 x 300 m.

Completion date:

Client: Multiplex Construction ltd (now Brookfield ltd)