Cycle and pedestrian bridge across the Thames in Reading (UK)

So normal, yet so special .... This sleek, gracious cycle and pedestrian bridge across the Thames was constructed by Hollandia Infra in 2015. It is a steel cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 122 metres and a clear span of 69 metres. The bridge is carried by a steel pylon with a height of 37 metres. A total of 560 tons of steel were installed.

The bridge was manufactured and delivered to the construction site as a “DIY” kit of nine bridge sections, a pylon and five approach slabs.
During this project there were various aspects that required special attention. The bridge was constructed in an urban area, for instance, which meant the supply of the various bridge components was subject to particular requirements. One of the client's conditions was that the Thames would not be closed during construction. This resulted in a well thought-out phased building process and coordination with the parties involved. The close collaboration between the civil-engineering main contractor, architects, designers and Hollandia resulted in this eye-catching bridge. The bridge was finished with specially polished stainless steel sections and Cor-Ten steel guardrail panels were used, representing a fringe of reeds. Reflective elements were installed on various bridge sections, giving the overall design a unique appearance, both during the day and at night.

Completion date:

Client: Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering Limited