Refurbishment of the "Galecopperbruggen"

The Galecom consortium, consisting of KWS (main contractor) and “Staalcombinatie Mercon-Hollandia”, has reinforced and raised the Galecopperbrug. The work for the Galecom Consortium initially relates to the manufacturing and installation of reinforcing steel in the bridge, followed by the construction and installation of two steel prestressing girders, for both the north and south bridges.

Technisch zeer uitdagend door koppelen nieuw aan bestaand.

These 2x2 girders of 327 m (outside VSL) and 303 m (inside VSL) respectively are then linked to the existing bridge, reinforcing the bridge by absorbing stress from the existing bridge. This also relieves the guy ropes. The decks were also reinforced and prepared for heavier loads by installing high-strength reinforced concrete. After having been reinforced, the entire bridge was raised by approx. 60 cm, creating more headroom for vessels.
Under the name of “Staalcombinatie Mercon-Hollandia”, Hollandia Infra and Mercon took part in the steel construction side of this renovation job, being the construction, delivery and assembly of approximately 5,740 tons of steel. This tonnage can be roughly divided as follows: 5,070 tons of box girders for the VSLs, 200 tons of connecting girders and 340 tons of other steel.

The work is divided 50/50. Both partners supplied one outside VSL and one inside VSL.
As indicated above, a total of approx. 5,740 tons of steel was installed, which means the weight of the existing bridge has almost doubled.

The Galecopperbrug is a vital hub in the road and shipping networks in the Netherlands. This steel bridge lies in the A12 motorway, near the Oudenrijn motorway interchange, and it is the second-most busiest traffic bridge in the Netherlands with 200,000 vehicles crossing each day. The bridge also spans the popular Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal.

Completion date:

Client: Bouwcombinatie Galecom voor Rijkswaterstaat