UK/Dover Jetties Berth 8+Berth 9

Within the framework of modernisation and expansion of the roll-on/roll-off (ro/ro) facilities in the ferry port of Dover, England, an entirely new pier was built with two ro/ro jetties (Berth 8 and Berth 9). The steel construction engineering works and corresponding hydraulic driving gear were executed by Hollandia on the instruction of main contractor BAM Nuttall, under a Design & Construct Contract.

The new jetties are suitable for the uninterrupted facilitation of 210 metre-long ferry boats. Both jetties have a 60 metre-long hydraulically driven steel upper deck and a lower deck. In addition, a 100 metre-long pedestrian bridge gives access to non-motorised traffic. The steel lifting gantries weigh approx. 150 tons each.

Completion date:

Client: BAM Nuttall Ltd (voor Dover Harbour Board)